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Dandabhukti was an ancient and medieval region/ territory spread across what are now Bankura, Hooghly, Paschim Medinipur and Purba Medinipur districts in the Indian state of West Bengal.

Ancient Rarh region was divided into several smaller regions – Kankagrambhukti, Bardhamanbhukti and Dandabhukti, as part of the Gupta Empire. Danda in Oriya means path. There was an ancient path from Rarh (or possibly from Magadha) to Kalinga. The territory may have acquired its name from the path. Dandabhukti was broadly the territory between the Dwarakeswar and Subarnarekha rivers. In the 10th century Dandabhukti was part of Bardhamanbhukti. Later, some parts of Dandabhukti were included in the territory of Utkal kings.[1]

Dandabhukti was a town which was administrative headquarters of the territory of same name. Dantan in Paschim Medinipur district is derived from the name of ancient Dandabhukti.[2]


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Coordinates: 22°15′N 87°39′E / 22.25°N 87.65°E / 22.25; 87.65