Danger on Midnight River

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Danger on Midnight River
Paulsen - Danger on Midnight River Coverart.jpg
AuthorGary Paulsen
CountryUnited States
SeriesWorld of Adventure
GenreYoung adult novel
PublisherRandom House
Publication date
July 1, 1995
Media typePrint (Paperback)
Pages80 pp
Preceded byHook 'Em Snotty! 
Followed byThe Gorgon Slayer 

Danger on Midnight River is the sixth novel in World of Adventure series by Gary Paulsen. It was published on July 1, 1995 by Random House.


The story is about Daniel Martin who gets made fun of a lot because he isn't the brightest kid in school. But when he and his classmates get stranded in the wilderness, Daniel saves the day.


It was later turned into a two part omnibus along with Grizzly by Macmillan and released in February, 1999. Also on February 14, 2006 it was turned into a three part omnibus along with Escape from Fire Mountain and Hook 'Em Snotty! by Random House.