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The Darülbedayi was an Ottoman imperial theatre established in Istanbul in 1914. Its history was closely linked to that of its director, the actor Muhsin Ertuğrul.[1][2]


  1. ^ Türkei, Westtürkei, Zentralanatolien - Page 55 Hans E. Latzke - 2010 "Erst in der frühen Republikzeit kam es zum Aufbau des Darülbedayi, des Istanbuler Stadttheaters unter Leitung von Muhsin Ertugrul, für das europäische Stücke übersetzt wurden."
  2. ^ The Turkish muse: views & reviews, 1960s-1990s - Page 252 Talât Sait Halman, Jayne L. Warner - 2006 "His emphasis is less on the artistic evolution of the Darulbedayi than on its organizational and structural growth. To a large extent, the history of this remarkable repertory theater is dominated by Muhsin Ertugrul as artistic director, actor, ..."