Dayuan District

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Dayuan District
Dayuan District 201506.jpg
Location of Dayuan
Coordinates: 25°03′N 121°11′E / 25.050°N 121.183°E / 25.050; 121.183Coordinates: 25°03′N 121°11′E / 25.050°N 121.183°E / 25.050; 121.183
MunicipalityTaoyuan City
 • MayorLu Shuitian
 • Total87.3925 km2 (33.7424 sq mi)
 (January 2016)
 • Total85,667
 • Density980/km2 (2,500/sq mi)
Dayuan District Office

Dayuan District (Chinese: 大園區; pinyin: Dàyuán Qū), formerly known as Dayuan Township (Chinese: 大園鄉; pinyin: Dàyuán Xiāng) is a rural, coastal district in northwestern Taoyuan City, Taiwan (Republic of China).[1]


Dayuan District was originally named Toa-khu-hng (Chinese: 大坵園; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Toā-khu-hn̂g). It was renamed Ōsono Village (大園庄) during Japanese rule, and was part of Tōen District, Shinchiku Prefecture. After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China, it was called Dayuan Township.[2] It became Dayuan District in 2014, when Taoyuan County and the city of Taoyuan merged to form a special municipality.



The population in 1986 was 56,995. By the end of May 2006, the total population had grown to 79,812, an average growth rate of 2.03%. It is considered a slow population growing district.[3]


Dayuan District has an inclining topography from southwest to northwest with an average height of 35 meters above sea level. Inland area are mostly plains, rice fields or spacious flat lands, while in the northeast part is the prolonged sand beach seacoast.


The district lies in the subtropic monsoon climate region. In winter, northwest monsoon is stronger and in the coldest months, the average temperature is about 11°C. In summer, it rains a lot but it is free from droughts during the winter seasons.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Villages in Dayuan District

The district consists of 18 villages and 407 neighborhoods. The villages are:

  • Dahai Village
  • Dayuan Village
  • Guolin Village
  • Haikou Village
  • Hengfong Village
  • Heping Village
  • Houcuo Village
  • Jhuwei Village
  • Nangang Village
  • Neihai Village
  • Peikang Village
  • Pusin Village
  • Sanshih Village
  • Shalun Village
  • Sihai Village
  • Tiansin Village
  • Wucyuan Village
  • Zuntou Village[4]



China Airlines’s headquarters, CAL Park, is on the grounds of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Dayuan District.[5][6] Evergreen Airlines Services Corporation, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp., and Evergreen Air Cargo Services Corporation, subsidiaries of Evergreen Group, are also headquartered in Dayuan.[7][8][9]


The main agriculture products of the district are paddy rice, watermelons, crops, vegetables, peanuts etc. To improve the agriculture industry, various innovations have been introduced in the area, such as the plantation of various types of flowers and plants for export and import markets, plantation of green onions and the development of shelf network of room vegetables and other crops.


Fishery products are mostly in the irrigated ponds with a lot of grass carps, silver carps, carps, tilapia etc. The district has the biggest fishing port in Taoyuan County with the capacity of accommodating 50 ships in the interior part and 100 ships in the exterior part. Main fish species including pomfrets, sharks and mullets.[10]


The district houses the Dayuan Specialized Industry Park, Dayuan Extended Industry Park and Chun-Fa Industry Park. The main industries including chemical products, leather products, dyes, papermaking, metal, textiles, electronic and electric appliances manufacturing, food processing etc.


The main commerce industry is retailing business, such as department stores, restaurants, silver-goods shops, furniture, electric appliances, finance, automobiles, motorcycles, gas stations, parking lots etc.


The district is home to one private senior high school, two public junior high schools 12 public elementary schools, 17 public nursery schools, 11 private nursery schools, 3 private kindergartens. It also houses one district library and one community library.

Tourist attractions[edit]


Dayuan Station


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport[12]


The district is served by National Highway No. 2. Bus station in the district is Dayuan Bus Station of Taoyuan Bus.

Taoyuan Airport MRT[edit]

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