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A De Grassi Street sign.
Autumn trees lean over De Grassi Street.

De Grassi Street is a side street located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was named after Captain Filippo "Philip" De Grassi, an Italian-born soldier who emigrated to Canada with his family in 1831 and settled in York, Upper Canada. He later became a member of the Family Compact.[1]

De Grassi Street is located in south Riverdale, and has a residential character. A number of the homes date back to the 1880s and were built in the distinctive tall, narrow bay-and-gable style. It runs one-way northbound from Queen Street East to Gerrard Street, approximately halfway between Broadview and Carlaw Avenues.[2]


  • Queen-Broadview Village – at Queen Street
  • Riverside (Queen Street East from the Don Valley east to De Grassi Street)
  • East Chinatown – at Gerrard Street


In fiction[edit]

The street was made famous by the Degrassi series of television shows for youth. Producers of the show slightly altered the spelling of the street's name. The first Degrassi series, The Kids of Degrassi Street on CBC Television, was set on the street with some exterior shots in the actual neighbourhood, but was filmed elsewhere:


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Coordinates: 43°39′48″N 79°20′50″W / 43.663432°N 79.347253°W / 43.663432; -79.347253