Cherokee County School District (Georgia)

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Cherokee County School District
1205 Bluffs Pkwy


United States
Coordinates34°14′14″N 84°29′35″W / 34.237101°N 84.493191°W / 34.237101; -84.493191Coordinates: 34°14′14″N 84°29′35″W / 34.237101°N 84.493191°W / 34.237101; -84.493191[1]
SuperintendentDr. Brian V. Hightower
GradesPre-school - 12
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools
Georgia Accrediting Commission
Telephone(770) 479-1871

The Cherokee County School District manages the 40 schools in Cherokee County, Georgia, United States. The school district's leadership consists of an elected seven-member school board. School board members are:[2]

District 1 Kelly Poole
District 2 Patsy Jordan
District 3 John Harmon
District 4 Robert Rechsteiner "Rick Steiner"
District 5 Clark Menard
District 6 (Vice Chair) Mike Chapman
Board Chairperson Kyla Cromer
Student Advisor Chase Thomas (Etowah HS) '18-19 School Year

The board's chairperson is elected by the county at large and does not represent a single post.

The school board appoints a school superintendent; Dr. Brian V. Hightower has held this position since 2016.[3]

Under Georgia state law, individual board members are not permitted to act individually in any capacity but rather as an entire board based on majority rule. The superintendent is responsible for all employees in the district.


Elementary schools[edit]

  • Arnold Mill Elementary School
  • Avery Elementary School
  • Ball Ground Elementary School
  • Bascomb Elementary School
  • Boston Elementary School
  • Canton Elementary School (Closed May 2018)
  • Carmel Elementary School
  • Clark Creek Elementary School
  • Clayton Elementary School
  • Free Home Elementary School
  • Hasty Elementary School
  • Hickory Flat Elementary School
  • Holly Spring Elementary School
  • Johnston Elementary School
  • Knox Elementary School
  • Liberty Elementary School
  • Little River Elementary School
  • Macedonia Elementary School
  • Mountain Road Elementary School
  • Oak Grove Elementary School
  • R.M. Moore Elementary School
  • Sixes Elementary School
  • Woodstock Elementary School

Middle schools[edit]

High schools[edit]

Other schools[edit]

  • Chapman Intermediate School (Closed)
  • Crossroads High School/Middle School
  • L.R. Tippens Education Ctr. (formerly North Star)
  • Polaris Evening School at Woodstock High School
  • Ralph Bunche Center


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