Demerdash Mosque

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Damerdash Mosque
مسجد الدمرداش
LocationCairo, Egypt
Architectural typeMosque
Architectural styleIslamic
Completed12th-century (foundation)

Damerdash Mosque (Arabic: مسجد الدمرداش‎) is a historical mosque originally built during the Abbasid era, in Cairo, Egypt. It is located near Damerdash Hospital which belongs to the Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine.


The mosque today consists of a square room with an area of 11 x 10 meters. In the middle of the mosque there are three large muqarnases, and directly above them it has a large oval dome with sixteen small openings, eight of which are open as windows and the other eight are blocked as an ornament. The qibla wall contains a large mihrab on the left side of it, which is a compartment made of wood, and then there is mausoleum of Sheikh al-Demerdash nearby. The mihrab is topped with a window filled with wood ornament, and on each side of the four dome there is also a small square window filled with wood ornament. The present description of the dome is entirely consistent with the description the architect Mubarak mentioned in his plans, indicating that the dome is ancient and dates back to the 12th-century at least, although it has been renewed. The rest of the mosque has been rebuilt because it is very different from the description of Mubarak, as it surrounds the dome now from the south and west sides, has a wooden roof, not exposed and has a niche and a platform in the wall separating it from the dome. The building is surrounded by a garden and a residence belongs to the staff of the mosque. The main entrance to the mosque is located in the south-west and is topped with a Mamluk style minaret.


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