Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge

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Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy (DMSM)
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, 27 Charles Babbage Road.jpg
27 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge, new site of MSM since 2013
AffiliationsUniversity of Cambridge

The Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy (DMSM) is a large research and teaching division of the University of Cambridge. Since 2013 it has been located in West Cambridge., having previously occupied several buildings on the New Museums Site in the centre of Cambridge.

Academic staff[edit]

As of October 2018 Professorial staff include:[1]

  1. Zoe Barber, Professor of Materials Science
  2. Mark Blamire, Professor of Device Materials
  3. Serena Best, CBE, FREng, Professor of Materials Science
  4. Harry Bhadeshia, FREng, FRS, Tata Steel Professor of Metallurgy
  5. Ruth Cameron, Professor of Materials Science
  6. Manish Chhowalla, Goldsmiths' Professor of Materials Science
  7. Bill Clegg, Professor of Materials Science
  8. Bill Clyne FREng, Professor of Mechanics of Materials
  9. Judith Driscoll, FREng, Professor of Materials Science
  10. James Elliott, Professor of Macromolecular Materials Science
  11. Lindsay Greer, Professor of Materials Science
  12. Vasant Kumar, Professor of Materials Chemistry
  13. Neil Mathur, Professor of Materials Physics
  14. Paul Midgley, FRS, Professor of Materials Science (Current Head of Department)
  15. Rachel Oliver, Professor of Materials Science
  16. Chris Pickard, Sir Alan Cottrell Professor of Materials Science
  17. Cathie Rae, Professor of Superalloys

As of October 2018 Readers and Lecturers include:[1]

  1. Cate Ducati, Reader in Nanomaterials
  2. Sohini Kar-Narayan, Reader in Device & Energy Materials
  3. Jason WA Robinson, Reader in Materials Physics
  4. Howard Stone, Reader in Metallurgy
  5. Rachel Evans, Lecturer
  6. Louise Hirst, University Lecturer (jointly appointed with the Cavendish Laboratory)
  7. Nick Jones, University Lecturer
  8. Kevin Knowles, Senior University Lecturer
  9. Emilie Ringe, University Lecturer (jointly appointed with the Department of Earth Sciences)

Heads of Department[edit]

  1. Professor R.S Hutton -1944
  2. Professor Wesley Austin 1945-1958
  3. Professor Sir Alan Cottrell FRS 1958-1966
  4. Professor Sir Robert Honeycombe FREng FRS 1966-84
  5. Professor Derek Hull FREng FRS 1984-1991
  6. Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, CBE FREng FRS 1991-1996
  7. Professor Alan Windle FRS 1996-2000
  8. Professor Derek Fray FRS FREng 2000-2005
  9. Professor Alan Lindsay Greer 2005-2013
  10. Professor Mark Blamire 2013-2018
  11. Professor Paul Midgley FRS 2018- (current)

Research Themes[edit]

Current research is organised into seven themes:[2]

  1. Device materials
  2. Electron microscopy
  3. Materials chemistry
  4. Medical & pharmaceutical materials
  5. Structural materials
  6. Clean energy & sustainability
  7. Nuclear energy

Research Groups[edit]

Stair Case of Arup Tower, part of the former site of MSM, at the New Museums Site, Pembroke Street, Cambridge.

Research is organised into the following groups.[3]

Spinout Companies[edit]

  • 2015 - Paragraf Ltd - novel deposition of graphene onto semiconductors
  • 2010 - CamGaN (now part of Plessey) - GaN on Silicon LED technology (low cost, low energy lighting)
  • 2007 - Inotec AMD - innovative topical oxygen therapy for wound healing
  • 2004 - Q-flo (merged with Plasan, CNT fibres now commercialised by Tortech) - ultra-long CNT fibres
  • 2004 - Camfridge - energy-efficient and gas-free magnetic cooling
  • 2001 - Metalysis - commercialisation of the FFC Cambridge Process. Reduction of metal oxides and ores into pure metals and alloys
  • 1989 - CMD Ltd (became part of Accelerys, now part of Biovia Dassault Systems) - X-ray modelling software

Alumni and former staff[edit]

Notable alumni and former staff include:


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