Design Bureau for Special Machine-Building

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Coordinates: 59°59′11″N 30°20′24″E / 59.986316°N 30.3400689°E / 59.986316; 30.3400689

Joint stock company
Industryspace rockets
FoundedMarch 8, 1945
Key people
Vladimir Dolbenkov (Head of the KB, since 2007)
ProductsBallistic missiles, ICBMs, cruise missile launchers, radar stations
WebsiteOfficial site of KB SM

JSC Design Bureau for Special Machine-Building (KB SM; Russian: КБ СМ, Конструкторское бюро специального машиностроения) is a Soviet-Russian space rockets industry enterprise. Currently, it is part of Almaz-Antey.

KB SM developed and produced a number of launch systems for air defence, Navy and Strategic Missile Troops.

Currently, KB SM develop reinforced concrete containers for long-term storage and transportation of spent nuclear fuel and ship-based nuclear power plants TUK108/1. KB SM is responsible for the creation of railway cranes carrying 80 tons or 150 tons for the Soviet/Russian Ministry of Railways.


Founded by the order of People's Commissar of Armaments no. 110 on March 21, 1945 in accordance with the decree of the USSR State Committee of Defense no. 7739 on March 8, 1945, under the name Naval artillery central design bureau - MATsBK (Russian: МАЦКБ, Морское артиллерийское центральное конструкторское бюро), it was the Leningrad branch of Grabin's Central Artillery Design Bureau.

Since 1948 it is known as Central Design Bureau no. 34 (CKB-34) and since 1966 as KBSM (Design bureau of mechanization, Russian: Конструкторским бюро средств механизации). Since 1989, bureau received its current name, Spetsmash (also KB SM). Ilya Ivanov, artillery and missile designer and scientist, became the first head of KB. After 1959, his successors were A.M. Shakhov (1959—1974), S. P. Kovalis (1974—1987), and N. A. Trofimov (1987—2007).


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