Devi Ma Kunja

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Devi Ma Ayurvedic Hospital
Sign for the Devi Ma Hospital in Sipadol Nepal.jpg
LocationSipadol, Bhaktapur, Nepal
Care systemPrivate
Hospital typeTeaching
WebsiteOfficial website

The Devi Ma Kunja is an Ayurvedic hospital in the rural village of Sipadol, Nepal. The hospital provides free or low-cost healthcare especially in the area of Ayurvedic women's health. The hospital was founded by Dr. Sarita Shrestha MD (Ayur), OBGYN, BAMS, the first female Ayurvedic physician in Nepal and its first Ayurvedic OBGYN.[1][2]


The hospital has thirty beds and a family planning and birthing center. There is also a medicinal herb garden that helps to supply the pharmacy and offers the full range of panchakarma treatments.[3][4]

Teaching programs[edit]

Devi Ma Kunja offers clinical internships for the international community of medical doctors, midwives and Ayurvedic practitioners. The training is based in the hospital and includes work camps to different rural villages in Nepal.[5]

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