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Disney Cinemagic
LaunchedMarch 2006; 13 years ago (2006-03) (UK)
Owned by
Picture format1080i HDTV
Audience share0.1%
~0.0% (+1) (November 2011, BARB)
CountryWestern Europe, Middle East and North Africa
HeadquartersUnited Kingdom
ReplacedToon Disney (UK)
Sister channel(s)
Timeshift serviceDisney Cinemagic +1

Disney Cinemagic is a German pay television channel owned by Walt Disney Company Limited (UK)[1] plus two programming blocks by Disney Channels Worldwide.[2] It used to be broadcast on most countries in Western Europe; currently, formerly-branded Disney Cinemagic channels in France (Cinema Disney) and the United Kingdom and Ireland (Sky Movies Disney) are run by third parties which primarily airs films by the Walt Disney Studios.


Disney Cinemagic began broadcasting in the UK and Ireland on March 2006 on BSkyB's premium package.[3] In November 2007, the France market version of Disney Cinemagic was launched.[4]

On 30 November 2008 at 8:30 PM, Disney Cinemagic HD debuted in France broadcasting on CANALSAT from 6am to 1am daily[5] making the channel the first "children and family HDTV channel in a French market".[6] In December 2008, Cinemagic HD channel was launched in the UK with programming in high definition with initial availability through Sky+ HD with a Sky Movies subscription.[3]

On 1 November 2012, Disney Cinemagic Portugal was replaced by Disney Junior,[7] while its HD feed was rebranded as Disney Movies on Demand.[8]

On 28 March 2013, Cinemagic was replaced in the UK with Sky Movies Disney, a BSkyB premium channel, as part of a deal between BSkyB and Disney which allowed Sky UK to stream Disney movies on Sky's video on demand services.[9] In a similar move in Australia, Foxtel has launched Foxtel Movies Disney on 10 April 2014, along with Disney XD.[10]

Disney Cinemagic in Spain closed on 1 January 2015, despite protest on Twitter to save the channel.[11] Disney Cinemagic in France was replaced by Disney Cinema in May 2015.[12] Sky rebranded its Sky Movies channels to Sky Cinema, including its Disney channel, on 8 July 2016.[13] Duplicating the Sky Movies Disney arrangement in the UK, Movistar+ launched Movistar Disney on 22 December 2017.[14]

Disney Cinemagic along with all other international Disney Channels were transferred from Disney–ABC Television Group, half of Disney Media Networks segment, to Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International segment on 14 March 2018.[15]


Market Name Type Formerly Launch date Replacement Replace date
Ireland, United Kingdom Cinemagic[1] channel Toon Disney[16] 16 March 2006[3] Sky Movies Disney 28 March 2013[9]
Belgium, France Cinemagic channel Toon Disney[17] September 2007[18] Disney Cinema 8 May 2015 [12][19]
Spain Cinemagic channel Toon Disney[20] 2008[1] discontinued 1 January 2015[11]
Germany, Austria, Luxembourg Cinemagic channel July 2009[21]
Cinemagic HD channel, HD
United Kingdom, Ireland Cinemagic +1[1] channel, timeshift Toon Disney +1 discontinued 28 March 2013
France, Belgium Cinemagic +1 channel, timeshift [1] Toon Disney +1 Disney Cinema +1 8 May 2015 [19]
Spain Cinemagic +1 channel, timeshift[1] Toon Disney +1 discontinued 1 January 2015[11]
Portugal Cinemagic channel October 2008[22] Disney Junior 1 November 2012 [23]
Belgium, France Cinemagic HD channel, HD 30 November 2008[5] Disney Cinema 8 May 2015 [12][19]
Spain Cinemagic HD channel, HD[1] 1 July 2010[24] discontinued 1 January 2015[11]
Ireland, United Kingdom Cinemagic HD channel, HD December 2008[3] Sky Movies Disney HD 28 March 2013[9]
Portugal Cinemagic HD channel, HD 1 January 2009[19] Disney Movies on Demand 1 November 2012 [23]
Italy Cinemagic block, weekends on Sky Cinema Family[25]
Scandinavia Cinemagic block, weekends 19:00 CET on Disney Channel[26]
Ireland, United Kingdom Sky Cinema Disney[9] channel Cinemagic[9] 28 March 2013
Ireland, United Kingdom Sky Cinema Disney HD channel, HD Cinemagic HD[27] 2013
Australia Foxtel Movies Disney channel[10] 10 April 2014
Belgium, France Disney Cinema channel, HD Disney Cinemagic[12][19] 8 May 2015
Spain Movistar Disney channel, HD[14] 22 December 2017
Middle East and North Africa OSN Movies Disney channel HD[28] 1 March 2018

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