Doc Frankenstein

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Doc Frankenstein
Cover of Doc Frankenstein 1 (November 2004)
Art by Steve Skroce
Publication information
PublisherBurlyman Entertainment
FormatOngoing series
Publication dateNovember 2004 – present
No. of issues6
Creative team
Created byGeof Darrow, Steve Skroce
Written byThe Wachowskis
Artist(s)Steve Skroce
Inker(s)Jason Keith
Editor(s)Spencer Lamm, Sharon Bray

Doc Frankenstein is an American comic book series created by Geof Darrow and Steve Skroce,[1] written by the Wachowskis (Lilly and Lana, better known for their work on The Matrix series), drawn by Steve Skroce, and published by Burlyman Entertainment. The first issue was published in late 2004 and six issues have been released as of October 2018 (the last issue being cover dated December 2007). In 2014, Geof Darrow[2] and Steve Skroce[3] said there would be a release of Doc Frankenstein that will collect the story in two parts in 2014 and 2015[4] respectively, with the second part including the final seventh and eighth issues. The second part was later delayed to 2016,[5] but as of October 2018 it remains unreleased. Skroce promised they will stick to the schedule if they decide to do a second series of the comic.

Plot summary[edit]

The comic tells the story of Frankenstein's monster, who survived the events of Mary Shelley's novel and adopted his creator's name as his own (and earned doctoral degrees). Doc Frankenstein has since been involved in world history (flashbacks show him as a gunslinger in the Wild West, a soldier in World War II, a supporter of the teaching of evolution in 1925's Scopes Trial, and a supporter of Roe v. Wade in 1972). However, the extremely liberal viewpoints he espouses have made him a target of fundamentalists, who have sought to kill him over the years without success.


Doc Frankenstein was nominated for the 2005 "Best New Series" Eisner Award.[6]


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