Dodge 400

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Dodge 400
'82 Dodge 400 Coupe (Orange Julep).JPG
ManufacturerChrysler Corporation
Model years1982–1983
AssemblySaint Louis Assembly, Fenton, Missouri
Body and chassis
Body style4-door sedan
2-door coupe
2-door convertible
LayoutFF layout
RelatedChrysler LeBaron
Chrysler Town & Country
Dodge Aries
Plymouth Reliant
Engine2.2 L K I4
2.6 L Mitsubishi G54B I4
PredecessorDodge Aspen
SuccessorDodge Lancer
Dodge 600 (coupe and convertible (1984-1986)

The Dodge 400 was a mid-size car built by Dodge. It was similar to the Chrysler LeBaron of the same era. The 400 was introduced for the 1982 model year but renamed and merged into the Dodge 600 lineup just two years later. An improved version of Chrysler's K-cars, it was called the Super K platform.[1]


While heavily dependent on the K-car, the suspension geometry was revised with computer-aided design (CAD), one of Chrysler's first forays into this area.[1] Aside from the suspension modifications, the interior was plusher and the front and rear designs were different. To provide higher comfort than in the regular K-cars, particular care was paid to sound proofing, with a redesigned firewall and additional isolating material throughout.[1]

Aside from the stacked-slat grille being different from that of the LeBaron, the 400 was somewhat less ornate overall. Faux louvres on the front fenders were unique to the 400.[2]

Model years[edit]


The 400 was intended to be a more upmarket version of the Aries and a corporate twin of the downsized LeBaron. It was originally only available as a two-door coupé.[1] In the spring of 1982 two additional bodystyles appeared: a convertible and a four-door sedan. The 400's suspension, while soft, was somewhat firmer than that of its LeBaron sister.

This was Dodge's first convertible since the 1971 Challenger and the first domestically-manufactured convertible since 1976, when Cadillac had phased out the Eldorado convertible.

The 400 was available in two trim levels: base and LS.[1] Engine choices were limited to a 2.2 L inline-four engine or an optional Mitsubishi-sourced 2.6 L "Silent Shaft" four-cylinder; this was only available coupled to an automatic. The convertible came with the Mitsubishi-sourced engine as standard. Outputs were 84 and 92 hp (63 and 69 kW) respectively.[1]


There were no major changes made for 1983 other than the LS trim being omitted from the lineup. During 1983, the 400 sedan was replaced by the Dodge 600. The coupes and convertibles were rebadged as Dodge 600 from 1984.

1983 Dodge 400 Convertible


Model Year Units
1982 31,449
1983 25,952
Total 57,401


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