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Dongfeng Nengdi (Hangzhou) Motor
  • Dongfeng Nissan Diesel Motor
  • Dongvo (Hangzhou) Truck
FoundedMay 1996
Area served
Dongfeng Motor Group(50%)[1][non-primary source needed]
Dongfeng Motor (HK) International(50%)[1][non-primary source needed]
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese东风能迪(杭州)汽车有限公司
Traditional Chinese東風能迪(杭州)汽車有限公司
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese东风能迪
Traditional Chinese東風能迪

Dongfeng Nengdi (Hangzhou) Motor Co., Ltd. also known as just DND is a Chinese manufacturer of fire trucks.


former logo

The company was known as Dongfeng Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd.[2][non-primary source needed] (simplified Chinese: 东风日产柴汽车有限公司; traditional Chinese: 東風日產柴汽車有限公司; pinyin: Dōngfēng Rìchǎn Chái Qìchē Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī), which was a joint venture between the Dongfeng Motor Group and UD Trucks (now part of Volvo) established in 1996.[3][non-primary source needed] They held 50% of its shares respectively.[3][non-primary source needed]

The company was later renamed to Dongvo (Hangzhou) Truck Co., Ltd. (simplified Chinese: 东沃(杭州)卡车有限公司; traditional Chinese: 東沃(杭州)卡車有限公司; pinyin: Dōngwò (Hángzhōu) Kǎchē Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī) in 2013,[3][non-primary source needed] and in 2017 to Dongfeng Nengdi (Hangzhou) Motor Co., Ltd..


Plant type Location Year opened Year closed Notes
Heavy truck chassis assembly plant Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China 1996 active



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