Dover and District Greyhound Stadium

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Dover and District Greyhound Stadium
LocationWillow Walk Meadow, Buckland, Dover
Coordinates1° 17' 53.236"E 51° 8' 11.517"N

Dover and District Greyhound Stadium was a greyhound racing stadium located on what was Willow Walk Meadow, Buckland, Dover (modern day Alfred Road).[1]


The stadium was squeezed between Buckland Avenue and London Road. The choice of location resulted in the track not being a standard oval and had unusual bends but as a consequence of the mass construction of greyhounds tracks during the 1930s it was not unique in shape. The proprietor was A. Kaplan of Ramsgate and initially greyhound and whippet racing would be held.

Greyhound racing[edit]

The opening two meetings were held on the Boxing Day 1932 (morning 11.15am and evening 7.45pm) and the racing was independent (not affiliated to the sports governing body the National Greyhound Racing Club). The venue struggled to attract good attendances and underwent several changes of management.[2]


In 1935 the latest proprietor Reginald Smith was declared bankrupt and the stadium and Willow Walk Meadow became new housing.[3]


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