Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Blome sculpture)

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
ArtistErik Blome
Dimensions290 cm (114 in)
LocationMilwaukee, Wisconsin
Coordinates43°03′12″N 87°54′51″W / 43.053359°N 87.914109°W / 43.053359; -87.914109Coordinates: 43°03′12″N 87°54′51″W / 43.053359°N 87.914109°W / 43.053359; -87.914109
OwnerYWCA of Greater Milwaukee

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a public art work designed by American artist Erik Blome, located in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[1] The bronze sculpture depicts the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. standing on a pedestal of books. It was commissioned by the YWCA of Greater Milwaukee and is located in front of the King Heights apartments.[2]

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