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Draculas ring (1978) is a Danish TV-miniseries produced by Danmarks Radio and shown only once, with daily episodes from October 15 to October 21, 1978.

The series consists of seven 15-minute episodes, written and directed by Flemming la Cour and Edmondt Jensen, with theme music by Willy Grevelund.

The plot concerns three young Danes spending a vacation in Malta, where they find a coffin sealed with the ring of Count Dracula. They take the ring back home to Denmark, but Dracula rises from his coffin and follows them to reclaim it.

Bent Børgesen starred as Dracula, and local celebrities Anniqa, Rolv Wesenlund and Jørgen de Mylius had cameo roles as vampire victims.

Apart from BBC's Count Dracula (1977), a TV-movie aired in two parts, Draculas ring was the first Dracula-based television series.

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