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Coffee Roasters Asia
Founded2014; 5 years ago (2014) in Aberdeen, Hong Kong
FoundersBen Lui and Mark Beattie
Area served
Hong Kong, International

Coffee Roasters Asia Ltd. is a Hong Kong based coffee-roasting company and coffee merchant. The company was founded in 2014 by Ben Lui and Mark Beattie in Hong Kong.[1][2] It operates a coffee-roasting facility in the Aberdeen district in Hong Kong besides selling coffee and offering training services throughout Hong Kong as well as internationally.[3]

Coffee Roasters Asia Ltd. is a sister company to Coffee Roasters Australia based in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The Australia sister company is a coffee-roasting equipment supplier and manufacturer which has an associate company engaging in roasting coffee and packing coffee capsules.[4]

In Australia, drinking coffee is considered a form of relaxation and a healthy lifestyle practice.[5] According to official statistics from IBISWorld, 95% of all cafes around Australia are independent and this is a fact that makes Australia coffee culture exceptional.[6] The coffee culture in Australia is already established and the promotion of their coffee culture in Asia makes one great opportunity because coffee consumption has grown exponentially in recent years even though historically has been dominated by tea. Coffee enthusiast have brought Australian coffee culture in Asia but has already added some twist with Asian culture. One thing is for sure, they source coffee that are carefully handled with great quality and perfection and also need a great roaster. This is where Coffee Roasters Asia helps coffee culture in Asia to grow.

Coffee Roasting:[edit]

The founders of Coffee Roasters Asia have a background concerning coffee machine and roasting equipment. They have decided to import proper commercial coffee-roasting equipment and to start a high-standard roasting facility. Eventually, they have decided on a Has Garanti 15 kg commercial roaster and fitted with a high capacity gas afterburner for exhaust air treatment. The roasting facility is also fitted with commercial coffee sample roaster, with weighting and packing equipment imported from Australia. This setup strictly follows the Australian environmental standard for coffee-roasting air treatment. It is believed that this is the first unit of gas afterburner for coffee-roasting equipment ever installed in Hong Kong at the time of applying for its operating license.

The state of the art coffee-roasting machine was fitted with in-house developed “Coffee Sweat” roasting profiling software, giving the extremely high level of roasting temperature control and tools to maintain consistency throughout the early period of development.


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