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Katherine Hughes
New York
Occupationjournalist, writer, political activist
Years active33
Notable work
Father Lacombe: The Black Robed Voyageur

Katherine Hughes was a journalist, public servant, author and political activist.


Hughes was born November 12, 1876[1] in Emerald, Prince Edward Island.[2]


Hughes became the first provincial archivist for Edmonton in 1908.[2]

  • She graduated with a first-class teacher's license in 1892.
  • Founded the Catholic Indian Association.
  • Stopped teaching in 1902.
  • Began working for the Montreal Daily Star.
  • Covered St. Louis World's Fair in 1904.
  • Edmonton charter of Canadian Women's Press Club (CWPC).
  • 1906 - began working at the Edmonton Bulletin.
  • 1908 - first provincial archivist. During her career, she worked for Premier Alexander Rutherford and Premier Arthur Sifton.
  • Wrote Father Albert Lacombe's biography. Father Lacombe: The Black Robed Voyageur.
  • 1912 - founded Catholic Women's League of Edmonton.
  • 1913 - went to London, England for work.


Shortly after her position as a provincial archivist, Hughes began to work for Alberta Premier Alexander Rutherford. Hughes also worked for his successor Arthur Sifton.[2]

  • Katherine Hughes was against Women's Suffrage, although there is very little evidence about why she did not support the movement. (Note: which seems odd. Do more research about the evidence involved of her being against Women's Suffrage.)
  • Anti-imperialist views became controversial. RCMP was involved (Note: clarify how/why)
  • Left Canada for Australia. One of the biographies she had written (Note: title?) credited her as an editor instead of the author. (Note: verify information with other sources)


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