Drag-yab language

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Native toChina
RegionZhag'yab County, Chamdo Prefecture, Tibet
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Drag-yab is a Sino-Tibetan language recently documented by Suzuki & Nyima (2018).[1] It is spoken in the southern half of Zhag'yab County, Chamdo, eastern Tibet.

Suzuki & Nyima (2018) document the dialect of Drag-yab spoken in the village of Razi 热孜村 in Xiangdui Town 香堆镇, Zhag'yab County.


Drag-yab is referred to by the Changdu Gazetteer (2005)[2] as Zesong 则松话, and is reported by Changdu (2005) to be spoken in Zesong 则松乡 and Bari 巴日乡 townships of Zhag'yab County.


Suzuki & Nyima (2018)[1] note that Zlarong (Larong) is closely related to two other recently documented Sino-Tibetan languages of Chamdo, eastern Tibet, namely Lamo and Larong.


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