Drakeia massacre

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Drakeia Massacre
LocationDrakeia, Greece
Date18 December 1943
Attack type
Mass murder

The Drakeia massacre (Greek: Η σφαγή της Δράκειας) refers to the mass execution of 118 men by SS soldiers in the village of Drakeia, located on Mount Pelion, in Thessaly, on 18 December 1943. Out of the 350 houses, 58 were destroyed. It was part of the multiple Nazi reprisals against the Greek Resistance in occupied Greece.[1][2] A wake in memory of the victims is held in the area every year, in the presence of members of the Greek Parliament and the President of Greece.


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Coordinates: 39°22′34″N 23°03′00″E / 39.376°N 23.050°E / 39.376; 23.050