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Dropout TV
Type of site
United States
Area servedWorldwide
LaunchedSeptember 26, 2018; 7 months ago (2018-09-26)
Current statusActive

Dropout (stylized as DROPOUT or Dropout.tv) is an American subscription media service provider that is developed and operated by CH Media. It was founded in September 2018 and provides advertisement-free access to uncensored original shows, chat stories, comics, and an exclusive Discord server for subscribers.


Early in September 2018, CollegeHumor began teasing the beginning of a new subscription service, putting hidden keyword clues on their website and in their videos. Entering these keywords to a website owned by CollegeHumor allowed users to see clips of videos, audio, and images that implied the beginning of a new CollegeHumor project.

On September 26, 2018, CollegeHumor officially launched in the United States.[1][2] CH Media's CEO, Rich Cusick, announced the service as a "TV-MA version of CollegeHumor", allowing fans to dive deeper into pre-established characters and shows from the primary CollegeHumor YouTube channel.[3] CollegeHumor's Chief Creative Officer, Sam Reich, also claims that the founding of Dropout was in response to difficulty for receiving advertising dollars on traditional media platforms for mature content.[4]

Dropout officially launched native iOS and Android apps for its service in December 2018, allowing users to watch shows and also cast to smart TVs. Comics, especially the chat stories, were integrated into the app.[5]

As of December 2018, visitors to the service spent on average 31 minutes per visit, and visited on average 3.5 times per week.[5]

Subscription Model[edit]

Dropout launched with a beta price of $3.99 per month, for the first three months of the service. After December 2018, the price rose to a three tiered option, with monthly memberships for $5.99/month, semi-annual memberships for $4.99/month, and annual memberships for $3.99/month.[6] The company has justified the pricing model as allowing them to create content without being dependent on, or beholden to, requests from advertisers.[7]


In addition to viewing exclusive original series, subscription to Dropout allows users to view all other videos produced by CollegeHumor 72 hours before they are released to the public. There is also access to an exclusive Discord server where subscribers are allowed to chat with cast members and producers of the shows.

Original Shows[edit]

Dropout is planning to release a new original title per month in 2019, according to Sam Reich.[8]

Title Genre Premiere Seasons Length Status
Um, Actually Game Show January 17, 2015 (Pilot) 1 season, 33 episodes 20-37 min. Completed Season 1
Dimension 20 Comedy October 9, 2018 1 season, 17 episodes 67-115 min. Completed Season 1
The Rank Room Talk Show 1 season, 7 episodes 19-22 min. In Progress
Cartoon Hell Animated Series 2 seasons, 27 episodes 15-23 min. In Progress
Total Forgiveness Reality Television 1 season, 10 episodes 16-23 min. Completed Season 1
Lonely and Horny Comedy 2 seasons, 20 episodes 8-10 min. Completed Season 2
Troopers Comedy 2 seasons, 20 episodes 2-3 min. Completed Season 2
See Plum Run Comedy 1 season, 12 episodes 10-17 min. Completed Season 1
Paranoia Comedy April 20, 2019 1 season, 1 episode 24 min. In Progress


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