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The Dumpy Books for Children were a series of small-format books selected by E. V. Lucas and published by British publisher Grant Richards between 1897 and 1904. Subsequent books were published by Chatto & Windus and by Sampson, Low.

Books in the collection[edit]

Order Title Author Illustrator Year
01 The Flamp and Other Stories E. V. Lucas 1897
02 Mrs Turner's Cautionary Stories 1897
03 The Bad Family and Other Stories Mrs. Fenwick 1899
04 The Story of Little Black Sambo Helen Bannerman Helen Bannerman 1899
05 The Bountiful Lady Thomas Cobb 1900
06 A Cat Book E. V. Lucas H. Officer Smith 1901
07 A Flower Book Eden Coybee Nellie Benson 1901
08 The Pink Knight J. R. Monsell J. R. Monsell 1901
09 The Little Clown Thomas Cobb 1901
10 A Horse Book Mary Tourtel 1901
11 Little People: An Alphabet T. W. H. Crosland Henry Mayer 1901
12 A Dog Book Ethel Bicknell C. Moore Park 1902
13 The Adventures of Samuel and Selina Jean C. Archer 1902
14 The Little Lost Girl Eleanor Raper 1902
15 Dollies Richard Hunter Ruth Cobb 1902
16 The Bad Mrs. Ginger Honor C. Appleton Honor C. Appleton 1902
17 Peter Piper's Practical Principles 1902
18 The Little White Barbara Eleanor S. March 1902
19 Japanese Dumpy Yoshio Markino Yoshio Markino 1903
20 Towlocks and His Wooden Horse Alice Appleton Honor C. Appleton 1903
21 The Three Little Foxes Mary Tourtel 1903
22 The Old Man's Bag T. W. H. Crosland J. R. Monsell 1903
23 The Three Goblins M. G. Taggart 1903
24 Dumpy Proverbs Honor C. Appleton Honor C. Appleton 1903
25 More Dollies Richard Hunter Ruth Cobb 1903
26 Little Yellow Wang-Lo M.C. Bell 1903
27 Plain Jane G. M. George G. M. C. Fry 1903
28 The Sooty Man E. B. Mackinnon and Eden Coybee 1903
29 Fishy Winkle Jean Archer Jean Archer 1903
30 Rosalina Jean Archer 1904
31 Sammy and the Snarliwink Lena and Norman Ault 1904
32 The Motor Car Dumpy book T. W. H. Crosland J. R. Monsell 1904
33 Irene's Christmas Party Richard Hunter Ruth Cobb 1904
34 The Little Soldier Book Jessie Pope Henry Mayer 1907
35 A Dutch Doll's Ditties C. Aubrey Moore 1907
36 Ten Little Nigger Boys Nora Case 1907
37 Humpty Dumpty's Little Son Helen Reid Cross 1907
38 Simple Simon Helen Reid Cross
39 The Little Frenchman Eden Coybee K. J. Fricero
40 The Story of an Irish Potato Lily Schofield


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