Duna–Pogaya languages

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Hela Province, Papua New Guinea
Linguistic classificationTrans–New Guinea
  • Duna–Pogaya
Duna-Pogaya languages.svg
Map: The Duna–Pogaya languages of New Guinea
  The Duna–Pogaya languages
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The Duna–Pogaya languages are a proposed small family of Trans–New Guinea languages in the classification of Voorhoeve (1975) and Ross (2005). However, connections between the two languages, Duna and Bogaya, are tenuous, and proposed connections to the larger Trans–New Guinea family are not convincing.[1]


Pronouns are:

sg du pl
1 *nó *ge-na *i-nu
2 *gó
3 *kó *ki-nu


Duna reflexes of proto-Trans-New Guinea (pTNG) etyma are:[2]

  • amu ‘breast’ < *amu
  • konane ‘ear’ < *kand(e,i)k(V]
  • kuni ‘bone’ < *kondaC


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