Duran Kalkan

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Duran Kalkan
OccupationSenior commander, Kurdistan Workers' Party
Military career
Nickname(s)Selahattin Abbas
AllegianceKurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)
Battles/warsKurdish–Turkish conflict

Duran Kalkan (born 1954), also known as Selahattin Abbas,[2] is a senior commander of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Duran Kalkan, Murat Karayilan and Cemil Bayik, the three current leaders of the PKK, are wanted by the United States Department of the Treasury and the Government of Turkey for recruiting child soldiers, involving in drug trafficking, targeting Turkish government officials, police and security forces, and indiscriminately injuring and killing civilians.[3][4]


Kalkan was born in Güzelim, Tufanbeyli, Adana, in 1954 to a family that had migrated from Erzurum.[5]

Initially, serving as a guerrilla commander in the PKK, he succeeded Riza Altun as the PKK's transnational money manager in the late 1980s and managed the organisations finances in Germany until the early 1990s when he moved to Iraqi Kurdistan, to evade arrest warrants.[6] There he served as commander in the Arteshen Rizgariya Gelli Kurdistan (ARGK) and member of the PKK's Presidential Council,[7] eventually becoming a member of the Executive Council of the Koma Civakên Kurdistan (KCK).[8]

He publishes articles in Özgür Gündem newspaper under the name Adil Bayram.[9]

In November 2018 the USA declared, that within their Reward for Justice Program they offered a bounty of 3 million US-dollars for informations that lead to the capture of Duran Kalkan.[10]


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