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The EFAF Challenge Cup was an international competition for European American Football clubs. The EFAF Challenge Cup was the third highest level of club competition in the European Federation of American Football (EFAF), behind the European Football League (EFL) and the EFAF Cup.

EFAF Challenge Cup[edit]

Organised by EFAF, this competition is comparable to football's UI Cup.

Participants are Champions and Vice-Champions of the "smaller" American Football nations from eastern and southern Europe.

The competition was replaced by the IFAF CEI Interleague in 2011.

Competition Format[edit]

In 2009, the group phase consisted of two groups with four teams each. The winners and the second placed of these groups qualify directly for the semi-final phase. From 2010, the competition will feature 12 teams, divided in 4 groups of 3. The group winners qualify for the semifinals.

Teams 2010[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group B[edit]

Group C[edit]

Group D[edit]

  • Italy Bologna Doves
  • Croatia Zagreb Raiders
  • Hungary Budapest Cowboys


Year Winner Runner-up Score
2010 Serbia Klek Knights Turkey Istanbul Cavaliers 36-14

Teams 2009[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group B[edit]


Year Winner Runner-up Score
2009 Italy Hogs Reggio Emilia Hungary Győr Sharks 35-7

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