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Logo of Earther dot com.png
Type of site
Environmental website
OwnerGizmodo Media Group, a subsidiary of Univision Communications
EditorMaddie Stone
LaunchedSeptember 27, 2017; 23 months ago (2017-09-27)
Current statusOnline

Earther is a environmental news website owned by Univision Communications and was launched in September 2017.


Earther launched with the mission to chronicle three main topics: "The future of Earth," "The future of humans on Earth," and "The future of life on Earth."[1]

Managing editor Maddie Stone said that the site was created because it "felt like a salient and important time to create a destination for environmental news where folks can go to read up on the latest studies, but also hear the latest news about how natural disasters are affecting people, the big important environmental policies being raised around the world, and some of the biggest conservation stories."[2]


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