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The East Side Review is the only neighborhood-focused, general-interest weekly newspaper in either Minneapolis or St. Paul.

With a circulation of 20,000, the East Side Review reports on the entire East Side area, all 28 neighborhoods and 90,000 residents in St. Paul located east of Interstate Highway 35E.

Published also online, the free weekly newspaper is the only urban newspaper published by Lillie Suburban Newspapers, a third-generation publisher of 10 other suburban weeklies based out of North Saint Paul. Staff at the East Side Review have gone on to write and photograph for publications as prestigious as Life Magazine and The New York Times.

Neighborhoods covered include:

•Arlington Heights

•Battle Creek

•Beaver Lake


Dayton's Bluff


•Frost Lake

•East Phalen


•Hayden Heights

•Hazel Park



•Lafayette Park

•Lincoln Park

•Mounds Park



•Phalen Heights

•Phalen Village/Ames Lake

•Pig's Eye


•Railroad Island

•Rivoli Bluff

•Upper Swede Hollow


•Wheelock Park

•Williams Hill

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