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Saint Paul, Minnesota contains many educational institutions. A number of educational "firsts" have happened in Saint Paul. Hamline University, the first and oldest college in Minnesota, was founded in Saint Paul in 1854.[1][2] In 1991 Minnesota became the first state in the United States to pass legislation allowing the existence of charter schools. The following year, the first charter school in the nation, City Academy High School, was established in Saint Paul.[3] The oldest library in Minnesota, the Minnesota State Law Library, was opened in 1849.[4]

Primary and secondary education[edit]

Public schools[edit]

Washington Technology Magnet of the Saint Paul Public Schools District.

Saint Paul Public Schools is the school district that serves the entire city. It is the state's second largest school district with approximately 38,000 students. The district is also one of the most diverse in Minnesota.

There are also many charter schools that are run separately from the Saint Paul Public Schools, but are administered by the Minnesota Department of Education. 21 charter schools currently operate in Saint Paul.[5]

Private schools[edit]

Saint Paul has numerous private schools, including non-sectarian, Jewish, Roman Catholic, and Protestant. The Minnesota Department of Education has no authority over private school operations; private schools may or may not be accredited, and achievement tests are not required for private school graduating seniors. Many private schools will obtain accreditation and perform achievement tests as a means of demonstrating that the school is genuinely interested in educational performance. Saint Paul is currently home to 38 private schools.[6]

In addition, Catholic schools in Saint Paul are operated by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Three high schools and fourteen elementary schools are overseen by the archdiocese.[7]

List of elementary and secondary schools[edit]

Como Park Senior High School opened its doors for classes in 1979 and remained the youngest high school in the district until Arlington Senior High opened in 1997.


Public Secondary[edit]

Private Secondary[edit]

List of Post-Secondary schools[edit]

Saint Paul is second in the United States in the number of higher education institutions per capita.[35]

Public Post-Secondary[edit]

Private Post-Secondary[edit]



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