Elivai Malai

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Elivai Mala
ഏലിവ മല
Elivai Mala ഏലിവ മല is located in Kerala
Elivai Mala ഏലിവ മല
Elivai Mala
ഏലിവ മല
Location in Kerala
Highest point
Elevation2,088 m (6,850 ft) [1]
Prominence1,540 m (5,050 ft) [1]
Coordinates10°56′N 76°38′E / 10.933°N 76.633°E / 10.933; 76.633Coordinates: 10°56′N 76°38′E / 10.933°N 76.633°E / 10.933; 76.633[1]
LocationBorder of Mannarkad Taluk and Palakkad taluk, Palakkad district, Kerala, India
Parent rangeWestern Ghats

Elivai Mala (ഏലിവ മല) is a 2,088-metre-tall (6,850 ft)[1] peak in the Western Ghats of South India. The mountain lies in (Mannarkad taluk) Palakkad district of Kerala, close to the border with Tamil Nadu. With a topographic prominence of 1,540 metres[2] it is one of the ultra prominent peaks of South Asia. It forms the highest point in the Western Ghats to the immediate north of the Palakkad Gap. It is the highest peak in between Anamalai Hills and Nilgiri Hills in Western Ghats.

It is situated approximately 5 kilometres to the south of Siruvani Dam and reservoir. There are a couple of waterfalls nearby including the Siruvani Waterfalls (Kovai Kutralam) and the Atla (Aaralam) Waterfalls.

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