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Elizabeth Bradley
11th President of Vassar College
Assumed office
July 1, 2017
Preceded byCatharine Hill
Personal details
Alma materHarvard University (AB)
University of Chicago (MBA)
Yale University (PhD)

Elizabeth Howe Bradley (born 1962) is the eleventh President of Vassar College, a role she assumed on July 1, 2017. Bradley also holds a joint appointment as Professor of Political Science and Professor of Science, Technology, and Society.

Previously Bradley was Brady-Johnson Professor of Grand Strategy and Founder and Faculty Director of the Yale Global Health Leadership Institute at Yale University. She was also the Head of Branford College at Yale University.

Bradley has published more than 300 peer-reviewed papers and has co-authored three books including The American Healthcare Paradox: Why Spending More Is Getting Us Less.[1][2]

Education and early career[edit]

Bradley graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. She received an MBA from the University of Chicago in 1986 specializing in Health Administration and Organizational Behavior.[1] She earned her Ph.D. in 1996 from Yale University with a concentration in health policy and health economics.[3]

Bradley was a hospital administrator at Massachusetts General Hospital before leading the Health Management Program at the Yale School of Public Health, Health Policy and Administration.[3][4] She coordinated health management teaching efforts in joint programs for business and medical students at Yale University.[5]

Research and publications[edit]

Bradley's research focuses on strengthening health care systems around the globe, including within the US, China and several countries in Africa.[6] Domestically, she has contributed to several projects including improving quality of care within hospital settings, understanding the relationship between state level social service spending and health outcomes, and improving the transition from acute to palliative care.[4][7]

Articles and chapters[edit]

Bradley has published more than 300 peer-reviewed papers.[1] Some of which include:

  • Leveraging the Social Determinants of Health: What Works?[8]
  • The Impact of Reported Hospice Preferred Practices on Hospital Utilization at the End of Life[9]
  • Variation In Health Outcomes: The Role Of Spending On Social Services, Public Health, And Health Care, 2000–09[10]
  • State variation in HIV/AIDS health outcomes: the effect of spending on social services and public health[11]
  • Management Matters: A Leverage Point for Health Systems Strengthening in Global Health[12]


  • The American Health Care Paradox: Why Spending More Is Getting Us Less (New York, NY: Perseus Book Group, 2013).
  • Shortell and Kaluzny’s Healthcare Management: Organization, Design and Behavior (Clifton Park, NY: Delmar, 2012).
  • Public and Private Responsibilities in Long Term Care (Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998).

International work[edit]

Bradley has several health system strengthening projects in international settings including China, Ethiopia, India, Liberia, Rwanda, South Africa and the United Kingdom.[citation needed]

Bradley first arrived in Ethiopia in 2006 as part of an international coalition that included the Yale Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI), the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), Harvard University, and others.[13] Dr. Tedros Adhanom, then the Minister of Health, asked Bradley to advise 90 hospital CEOs and senior managers as part of the Ethiopian Hospital Management Initiative.[14][15] Later, Bradley served as the principal investigator for the Ethiopian Hospital Management Initiative, a program run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief to improve the functionality and quality of government hospitals in Ethiopia.[16] She also served as the principal investigator for a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Developing the Long-Term Capability of Ethiopia’s Health Extension Program Platform.[17] Bradley’s efforts focused on healthcare leadership capacity and management systems to advance Ethiopia’s healthcare reform.[18]

Bradley also assisted in establishing the Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program.[19] She was also the recipient of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant that developed a framework of diffusion, dissemination, and widespread take up of health innovations.[20]

In the United Kingdom, Bradley and National Health Service (NHS) partners established an executive leadership training program for mid-career professionals working in health and social care in the NHS. The Yale Health and Social Care Strategic Leadership Program integrates traditional management and leadership training, professional development, and project-based learning to equip executives with the skills needed to be effective contributors to the transformational change required by the NHS.[21] Through the two in-person modules and a field project, the program presents cross cutting perspectives and focusses on the leadership functions across the health and social care system.

The program began in 2007 with a partnership between Yale School of Public Health and the South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust. Today, the program is supported by Health Education England.[22]

Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy[edit]

Bradley was appointed as the Director of the Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy in January 2016.[23] The Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy prepares students to develop strategic thinking and leadership capacity across multiple sectors.


Grand Strategy in the World[edit]

The concept of grand strategy, which is the interdisciplinary study of achieving large ends with limited means, has expanded to include practitioners in the field. The Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy sponsors symposia at Yale University focused on leadership and strategic problem solving.[24]

One such forum, The Leadership Forum for Strategic Impact, aims to increase the knowledge and skills of African women in senior positions within their nations’ governments, and amplify women’s effectiveness and influence by building a leadership network across Africa.[25]

Honors and recognition[edit]

  • Member, World Economic Forum Global Agenda for Healthcare Systems[26]
  • John D. Thompson Prize for Young Investigators in health services research[27]
  • Teacher of the Year award from the Yale School of Public Health[28]
  • Investigator Award from the Donaghue Medical Research Foundation[29]
  • Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame: Global Impact Honoree, November, 2015[30]

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