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Ellison Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada, located on the east side of Okanagan Lake to the south of the city of Vernon.[1] The park contains approximately 219 acres (0.89 km2) of land, 200 ha. of it upland, 19 ha. of it foreshore.[2]

A photo of the beach at Ellison Provincial Park

Name origin[edit]

The park is named for Price Ellison (1852–1932), who emigrated to British Columbia in 1876 from Manchester, settling in this area and engaging in stock raising and wheat growing. A provincial MLA from 1898 to 1916, he was appointed to cabinet posts in the government of Sir Richard McBride - Commissioner of Lands, 1909, and Minister of Finance and Agriculture, 1910.

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Coordinates: 50°10′25″N 119°26′00″W / 50.17361°N 119.43333°W / 50.17361; -119.43333