Emirler Archaeological Site and City Forest Museum

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Emirler Archaeological Site and City Forest Museum (Turkish: Emirler Örenyeri Ve Kent Ormanı Müzesi) is a small museum located in Mersin Province, southern Turkey, exhibiting archaeological artifacts found at site and some fauna of the city forest.


The museum is next to Emirler village of Mersin Province at 36°49′33″N 44°29′51″E / 36.82583°N 44.49750°E / 36.82583; 44.49750.Its distance to Mersin is about 13 kilometres (8.1 mi)[1]


The Ministry of Forestry decided to establish a picnic area in the southern slopes of Toros Mountains where Mersin is in the view. During the construction, some archaeological remains were unearthed. Following a rescue excavations a Roman road, a necropolis, sarcophagi and a cistern were also unearthed along with other finds which were transferred to Mersin Archaeological Museum. The hitherto unknown settlement may be a Hellenistic, Roman or early Byzantine settlement.

The Forestry Museum[edit]

In the same area Ministry of Forestry established a forestry museum in a wooden cottage. In the museum, insects, butterflies and birds of the forest are displayed. There is also a 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) walking track. [2]