Empire of the Over-Mind

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Empire of the Over-Mind (Cover).jpg
Publisher(s)Avalon Hill
Designer(s)Gary Bedrosian[1]
Platform(s)Apple II, Atari 8-bit, TRS-80, MS-DOS
Release1981: Apple, TRS-80
1982: Atari [2]
1986: MS-DOS [1]
Genre(s)Interactive fiction

Empire of the Over-Mind (sometimes Empire of the Overmind) is an interactive fiction game written by Gary Bedrosian and published by Avalon Hill for the Apple II, Atari 8-bit family, and TRS-80 in 1981.[3] A version with an enhanced display for MS-DOS by Bedrosian was published in 1986.[1]


Empire of the Over-Mind is an all-text adventure game in which the player tries to destroy the Over-Mind, an evil computer that has taken over a magic kingdom.[4]


In a 1984 COMPUTE! piece on adventure games, Selby Bateman wrote: "One very popular game for Avalon Hill has been its all-text adventure, Empire of the OverMind [sic] for Apple II and Atari computers, which is still selling well, notes Jack Dodd, Avalon Hill's director of marketing."[5]

Bill Seligman reviewed Empire of the Overmind in The Space Gamer No. 49.[4] Seligman commented that "For the price of this primitive program, one could buy two-and-a-half Scott Adams all-text adventures or one full-color graphics adventure from On-Line. Not recommended."[4]


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