Energy: A National Issue

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Energy: A National Issue
Written byGerard H. Baldwin
Directed byGerard H. Baldwin
StarringFred Flintstone
Wilma Flintstone
Voices ofAlan Reed
Jean Vander Pyl
Henry Corden
Narrated byCharlton Heston
Music byDean Elliott
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Ross M. Sutherland
CinematographyJerry Smith
Frank Paiker
Editor(s)Greg Watson
Running time27 minutes
Production company(s)Hanna-Barbera Productions
DistributorGeorgetown University Center for Strategic and International Studies
Original networkSyndication
Original releaseNovember 22, 1977 (1977-11-22)

Energy: A National Issue (stylized as ENERGY: a national issue) is a 1977 American animated educational film starring The Flintstones, narrated by Charlton Heston and produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University. It was produced in 1976 and was also the final Flintstones production to feature Alan Reed as the voice of Fred Flintstone before his death in 1977. The film was distributed to schools in 16 mm format and broadcast as a syndicated television special on November 22, 1977.[1]


The film follows Fred and Wilma Flintstone through the history of energy sources. As Fred and Wilma discover many facts about energy and the economy, viewers realize they must use our energy sources more efficiently to buy time to solve the problem. The film uses animation, art, and graphics to dramatize the role energy has played in our lives and outline future energy requirements.


Production credits[edit]

  • Production Liaison: Sandra Granzow, Francis X. Murray, M. Jon Vondracek
  • Technical Consultants: Jack H. Bridges, Joan Sandgren Bridges, Christa D.K. Dantzler, Roger W. Sant
  • Produced by: Ross M. Sutherland
  • Written and Directed by: Gerard H. Baldwin
  • Voices: Alan Reed (Fred), Jean Vander Pyl (Wilma), Henry Corden (Fred's songs)
  • Music: Dean Elliott
  • Lyrics: John Bradford, Gerard H. Baldwin
  • Design: Robert Dranko, Rosemary O'Connor, Walt Peregoy, Charles McElmurry, Roy Morita, Don Jurwich, Tom Knowles
  • Backgrounds: Bob McIntosh, Gloria Wood, Eric Semones, Walt Peregoy
  • Animation: Irv Spence, Oliver Callahan, Rudy Zamora, Fred Hellmich, Alan Zaslove, Bob Goe, Lee Mishkin, Frank Andrina, Mark Glamack, Fred Grable, Allen Wilsbach, Joel Seibel
  • Assistant Director: Cindy Smith
  • Sequence Director: Carl Urbano
  • Editor: Greg Watson
  • Camera: Jerry Smith, Frank Paiker
  • Scene Planning: Cindy Smith, Evelyn Sherwood
  • Sound: Dick Olson
  • Ink & Paint: Billy Kerns
  • Xerox: Star Wirth
  • Graphics: Iraj Paran
  • Distributed by AIMS Instructional Media Services, Inc. HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA


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