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Eric Dott

A. Eric Dott is a publisher who has been involved primarily in role-playing games and miniatures wargames.


When Charles S. Roberts encountered financial problems in the early 1960s, he decided to get out of the publishing business and turned Avalon Hill over to its two biggest creditors: Monarch Services (his printer) and the Smith Box Company (his box maker) - Monarch Services, under president Eric Dott, would eventually become the sole owner of Avalon Hill.[1]:175 Avalon Hill published the third edition of Chaosium's RuneQuest in 1984, which Dott called the "Cadillac" of the Avalon Hill game line.[1]:177 When game designer Oliver Jovanovic was accused in 1996 of sexual assault against a woman, Dott noted that Jovanovic's version of RuneQuest had not been published because the developers repeatedly missed deadlines.[2]


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