Eufemio Zapata

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Photo of Eufemio (left) and his famed brother Emiliano (right).

Eufemio Zapata Salazar (1873, Ciudad Ayala - June 18, 1917, Cuautla, Morelos) was a participant in the Mexican Revolution and the brother of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata. He was known as a womanizer, a macho man, and a very heavy drinker.

He was killed by Sidronio "el Loco" Camacho, one of Zapata's commanders, because Eufemio had become drunk and in this state, for no particular reason, proceeded to beat and insult Camacho's father. Camacho tracked Eufemio down in Cuautla and shot Eufemio in the abdomen.

Realizing he was about to die, it is said that Eufemio asked the man to end his suffering and give him a quick death. To this Camacho replied:

"You have made many people suffer a great deal. Live a little longer, so that you also will learn what it is to suffer."

He then took Eufemio upon his horse, and threw him face-first on an anthill. Camacho, knowing Emiliano would want revenge, joined Zapata's enemies for safety.