Ewenki Autonomous Banner

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Ewenki Banner

(Chinese) • (Mongolian) • (Ewenki)
Ewenki Autonomous Banner
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Location of Hulunbuir Prefecture within Inner Mongolia (China).svg
Coordinates: 49°08′49″N 119°45′19″E / 49.147°N 119.7552°E / 49.147; 119.7552Coordinates: 49°08′49″N 119°45′19″E / 49.147°N 119.7552°E / 49.147; 119.7552
CountryPeople's Republic of China
RegionInner Mongolia
Prefecture-level cityHulunbuir
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)

Ewenki Autonomous Banner (Ewenki: ᠧᠸᠧᠩᠺᠢ ᠠᠶᠢᠮᠠᠨᠨᠢ ᠮᠧᠧᠨᠵᠢ ᠵᠣᠬᠠᠷ ᠭᠣᠰ in QaganTig.SVG; Ewengki Aimanni Mvvngkeng Isihēr Gosa; Эвенки Аймани Мвенкен Исихер Госа; Mongolian: ᠡᠸᠡᠩᠬᠢ ᠥᠪᠡᠷᠲᠡᠭᠡᠨ ᠵᠠᠰᠠᠬᠤ ᠬᠣᠰᠢᠭᠤ Eveŋki öbertegen jasaqu qosiɣu; Эвэнк өөртөө засах хошуу; simplified Chinese: 鄂温克族自治旗; traditional Chinese: 鄂溫克族自治旗; pinyin: Èwēnkèzú Zìzhìqí) is an autonomous banner that lies on the border between northwestern Greater Khingan and Hulun Buir grasslands and directly south of the urban district of Hailar in the prefecture-level city of Hulunbuir, People's Republic of China. It has an area of 19,111 km2 (7,379 sq mi). By 2013, there are 143,415 inhabitants with a population density of 7.5 inhabitants per km². Its seat is the town of Bayan Tohoi (巴彦托海镇). The most populous town in Ewenki Autonomous Banner, Dayan Town (Mongolian:Mongolian Name of Dayan Town.png; Chinese: 大雁镇), which was once Dayan Mining Area (Mongolian:Mongolian Name of Dayan Mining Area.png; Chinese: 大雁矿区) as an administrative division and is now the main part of an industrial district also named Dayan Mining Area, has an area of 443 square kilometres and a population of about 73,000.


Dayan Town is crossed by Harbin-Manzhouli Railway, G301 and G10. Hailar International Airport is the nearest airport.

Ethnic groups in Ewenki Autonomous Banner, 2013 census[edit]

Ethnicity Population Percentage
Ewenki 28,120 19.6%




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