External iliac lymph nodes

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External iliac lymph nodes
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Common Iliac Lymph Nodes
1. Medial common iliac
2. Intermediate common iliac
3. Lateral common iliac
4. Subaortic common iliac
5. Common iliac nodes of promontory

External Iliac Lymph Nodes
6. Medial external iliac
7. Intermediate external iliac
8. Lateral external iliac
9. Medial lacunar (femoral)
10. Intermediate lacunar (femoral)
11. Lateral lacunar (femoral)
12. Interiliac external iliac
13. Obturator (external iliac obturatory)
SystemLymphatic system
Sourceinguinal lymph node
Drains tocommon iliac lymph nodes
Latinnodi lymphoidei iliaci externi
Anatomical terminology

The external iliac lymph nodes are lymph nodes, from eight to ten in number, that lie along the external iliac vessels.

They are arranged in three groups, one on the lateral, another on the medial, and a third on the anterior aspect of the vessels; the third group is, however, sometimes absent.

Their principal afferents are derived from the inguinal lymph nodes, the deep lymphatics of the abdominal wall below the umbilicus and of the adductor region of the thigh, and the lymphatics from the glans penis, glans clitoridis, the membranous urethra, the prostate, the fundus of the urinary bladder, the cervix uteri, and upper part of the vagina.

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