Fagamalo, American Samoa

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Location of Fagamalo on Tutuila Island

Fagamalo was in 2010 the first village in American Samoa to create a designated protected marine area.[1] It is a village on the north shore’s backside of Tutuila Island. The village was for long only reached by narrow trails over rugged vertical terrain. The trails were often obscured by brush and seldom traveled as they traversed the thick rain forests. It often required hours of hiking before reaching the village.[2] Route 1 now climbs steeply and winds up to the village of Fagamalo, where the road ends.[3] It is located in Lealataua County in the Western District of Tutuila Island.[4]

The village mayor of Fagamalo was charged with attempted murder in 2005. He was held on a $50,000 bail after allegedly jeopardizing the lives of two fishermen.[5]

In 1987, researchers from University of Oregon discovered the site of the legendary village of Ā on a ridge above Fagamalo. Initial tests showed that the site was occupied in 600 BCE, which makes it the oldest known village on the island.[6]

The coastline between Fagamalo and Fagasā Bay is a rugged and scenic stretch of shoreline which contains the coastal villages of A'asu and Fagasā. This stretch also contains Sita Bay, a cove which has been home to large colonies of flying foxes. Massacre Bay is where a battle between French sailors and Samoans happened in 1787. Pā Cove is near the village of Fagamalo and is the site of a prehistoric village. It has been noted in Samoan legends.[7]


Population growth[8]
2010 47
2000 39
1990 92
1980 68
1970 62
1960 93

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