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Falkner Street, Liverpool, 2015

Falkner Street is a street mostly in Canning, with a short section in Edge Hill, Liverpool, England. The street, built during the early-mid 19th century, is named after Edward Falkner, who had previously commissioned the construction Falkner Square. Constructed at a time when Liverpool had less than 100,000 houses, the Falkner Street houses sold for around £1,000 (equivalent to £97178 in 2016[1]) and were affordable to only the wealthiest 1% of the population.[2]


Map of Falkner Street

Falkner Street runs from Hope Street in the west to Grove Street in the east, where it is broken by the Liverpool Women's Hospital. Only short sections remain between that point and Crown Street, when its course resumes until reaching the junction of Smithdown Lane and Overbury Street. Along this latter stretch it forms the southern boundary of Crown Street Park, the site of Liverpool's first railway station.


Notable residents have included Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles pop group, who owned the ground floor flat at No 36 and let John Lennon and then wife Cynthia Lennon use it during the first few months of their marriage and through her pregnancy in 1962 and 1963.[3]

62 Falkner Street, 2018

62 Falkner Street is a Grade II listed house, which was the subject of a 2018 four-part documentary on BBC Television, A House Through Time.[3] It forms a pair of houses with no 60, which were built in the 1820s according to Historic England, or 1840 according to research for the BBC.[4][5]


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