Family tree of Perlis monarchs

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The following is family tree of the Malay monarchs of Perlis, from the establishment of the kingdom in 1834 until present day.

House of Jamalullail
Ba 'Alawi sadaHouse of Kedah
Syed Abu Bakar Harun
b. 1737 d. 1825
♀ Tunku Sofia
Syed Husain
r. 1834-1873
Syed Ahmad
r. 1873-1897
Syed Alawi
b. 1844 d. 1864
Syed Sharif Safi
r. 1897-1904
Syed Alwi
r. 1904-1943
Syed Hamza
r. 1943-1945
Syed Mahmud
Syed Hassan
Syed Harun Putra
r. 1945-2000
Agong III
r. 1960-1965
Syed Sirajuddin
r. 2000-present
Agong XII
r. 2001-2006


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