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Farm to Market Road 734 marker

Farm to Market Road 734
Parmer Lane
Route information
Length19.284 mi[1] (31.035 km)
Existedorig. 1947
curr. 1978[1]–present
Major junctions
South end US 290 in Austin
  SH 130 Toll
Loop 1
North end RM 1431 in Cedar Park
Highway system
FM 733FM 735

Farm to Market Road 734 (FM 734) is a 19.3-mile (31.1 km) divided roadway located in Travis and Williamson counties of Texas.[1] For most of its length, FM 734 is located just within the northern city limits of Austin, with portions located in Cedar Park, Leander, and unincorporated areas. The roadway is named Parmer Lane for the entire length of FM 734, but it is known as Ronald W. Reagan Boulevard along the extension to the north.


Beginning on November 18, 1947, FM 734 referred to a highway from Brady through Voca east to the Mason County line. On October 29, 1948, FM 734 extended east to FM 386, now RM 386. On May 28, 1952, the designation was extended to SH 29 near Llano over a portion of RM 386. On May 22, 1958, the route was rerouted in Voca, shortening its length by 0.1 miles. On April 30, 1959, the western terminus was relocated south south to 2.7 miles south of Brady, The former route was renumbered FM 2309. The road designation changed to Ranch to Market Road 734 in on March 16, 1961 and was rerouted south to 2.7 miles south of Brady. The designation was removed in September 1, 1965 when that highway was added to SH 71, but signage did not change until January 1, 1955.

Parmer Lane between Loop 275 (Lamar Boulevard) and Loop 1 (Mopac Boulevard) was first designated as FM 734 on April 25, 1978. It extended north to RM 620 on April 23, 1981. The current termini of FM 734 were set on October 24, 1985, when the northern terminus was moved from RM 620 to RM 1431, and on May 16, 1988, when the southern terminus was moved from Loop 275 to US 290.[1]

In 1997, FM 734 was improved east of I-35 to accommodate a new Samsung Electronics chip fabrication facility[citation needed]. Other recent development along FM 734 include a Freescale Semiconductor office complex south of RM 620 in 1999, the Round Rock ISD Athletic Complex[2] between RM 620 and RM 1431 in 2003 and the Tech Ridge shopping center[3] at I-35 in 2003.

Route description[edit]

The southern terminus of FM 734 is at US 290, just west of Manor in Travis county. From there, it travels northwest to intersect with Interstate 35, continues to Loop 1, passes through an eastern portion of Cedar Park at RM 620, and then proceeds north to its northern terminus at RM 1431 in Williamson county. The roadway continues north of RM 1431 as the Ronald W. Reagan Boulevard to RM 2243 in Leander.

For most of its length, FM 734 is a six-lane divided roadway. West of Loop 1, the road has wide shoulders and is relatively lightly developed, making it attractive as a bicycling route. However, FM 734 does carry a high traffic load during rush hours, especially at Loop 1 and I-35.[citation needed] FM 734 is primarily a four-lane road between US 290 and Yager Lane, east of I-35.

As of June 27, 1995, FM 734 is officially designated an Urban Road (UR 734).[1] However, as with most other Urban Roads in Texas, no signage changes have been made.

The northern extension of FM 734 connects to Interstate 35 near the city of Jarrell as Ronald Reagan Boulevard. The segments from RM 2243 to SH 29, SH 29 to FM 3405, FM 3405 to RM 2338, opened in late 2007 and early 2008. The segment from RM 2338 to SH 195 opened on June 5, 2013. The segment from SH 195 to Interstate 35 opened on March 5, 2014.

Junction list[edit]

TravisAustin0.00.0 US 290 / 290 Toll RoadInterchange
0.91.4 SH 130 TollInterchange
7.512.1 I-35Interchange
7.812.6 Loop 275
9.615.4 Loop 1Interchange
WilliamsonCedar Park15.124.3 SH 45 Toll / RM 620Interchange
19.331.1 RM 1431
Leander25.541.0 RM 2243
Georgetown29.247.0 SH 29
34.154.9 RM 3405
38.061.2 RM 2338
41.666.9 SH 195
47.876.9 I-35Interchange
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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