Ferrari 195 S

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Ferrari 195 S
4 converted from 166 MM[1]
DesignerCarrozzeria Touring[2]
Body and chassis
ClassSports car
Body styleBerlinetta
LayoutFR layout
Engine2.3 L (2341.02 cc) Colombo V12
Transmission5-speed manual
Wheelbase2,250 mm (89 in)
Curb weight720 kg (1,587 lb) (barchetta)
PredecessorFerrari 166 S
SuccessorFerrari 212 Export
See also the 195 Inter grand tourer

The 195 S was a racing sports car produced by Ferrari in 1950. Introduced at the Giro di Sicilia on April 2, 1950, it was similar to the 166 MM also run at that race. The two cars, one open and one closed coupé, shared that car's 2,250 mm (89 in) wheelbase but sported an enlarged 2.3 L (2341 cc/142 in³) version of the Colombo V12.[3] These two initial cars were forced to retire, but three came to the Mille Miglia of that year, with the event won by the 195 S Touring berlinetta of Giannino Marzotto with Serafini's Touring barchetta in second place.[4]


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