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Fierté Canada Pride
MottoTo empower and connect all Canadian Pride movements.
Typenational association
Legal statusactive
Region served
Wilbur Turner
WebsiteFierté Canada Pride

Fierté Canada Pride is a Canadian organization, which represents and is composed of organizers of local LGBT pride festivals in Canada,[1] as well as serving as the Canadian chapter (Region 7) of InterPride.[1] Many, but not all, pride festivals in Canada are members of the organization.

The organization's mission is to promote pride events on a national level, through networking, advocacy work, and member education on aspects such as event planning, marketing, sponsorship and media relations.[2]

At its annual general meeting (AGM) in 2015, the organization formally launched Canada Pride/Fierté Canada, a program modelled on WorldPride which will see a different Canadian city host a national Canada Pride festival every four years.[3] The first Canada Pride was held in Montreal, Quebec in 2017, in conjunction with the city's regular Fierté Montréal.[3]

The 2017 AGM was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Past AGMs have been held in London in 2016, Saskatoon in 2015, Winnipeg in 2014, Ottawa in 2013, Kelowna in March 2012, Halifax in 2011, Toronto in March 2010, Montreal in 2009, and Vancouver in 2008.

At the 2017 AGM, Pride Winnipeg was selected to host the second edition of Canada Pride/Fierté Canada which will take place following the 2020 North American Outgames, also being hosted in Winnipeg.[4] At the AGM, delegates also voted in favour of Calgary Pride hosting the 2018 conference and general meeting.

Organization structure[edit]

Fierté Canada Pride is a registered federal not-for-profit organisation that is led by a president and a board of directors. The board is composed of a vice-president of governance, a vice-president of membership, a secretary, a treasurer, and representatives in several regions of Canada.


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