Filipinos in Indonesia

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Filipinos in Indonesia
Total population
4,800 (2001)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Jakarta, Surabaya
Filipino, Indonesian, Binisaya (Hiligaynon, Cebuano, etc.), Chavacano, Tausug, English,
Christianity, Islam[1]
Related ethnic groups
Austronesian peoples

Filipinos in Indonesia were estimated to number 4,800 individuals as of 2001, according to the statistics of the Philippine government. Most are based in Jakarta, though there is also a community in Surabaya.[1][2] This represented growth of nearly five times over the government's 1998 estimate of 1,046 individuals.[3]


Unlike many other overseas Filipino communities, Filipinos in Indonesia consist largely of skilled professionals, especially in the advertising industries and as teachers in international schools where their English skills are most needed.[4][dead link] 20% also work in finance, especially as accountants.[1]

Some Filipinos also work as fisherman on Indonesian waters. However, some have fished illegally and have faced a crackdown with the consequence of deportation by Indonesian authorities.[5]

Inter-ethnic relations[edit]

Filipinos in Indonesia generally maintain good interethnic relations with their Indonesian neighbours, with whom they feel culturally closer than Europeans or Americans; Indonesians stereotype Filipinos as being gregarious and cheerful.[4] However, there are fears that Filipinos in Indonesia may become the targets of kidnappings by local militant groups such as Jemaah Islamiyah in an attempt to secure the release of JI members imprisoned in Philippine jails.[6]


Filipinos in Indonesia have formed eight different community associations, including three sports teams, one teachers' association, and two Christian groups.[1] The annual Philippine Independence Day celebrations attract numerous participants.[2][4][7]

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