Fintry Provincial Park and Protected Area

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Fintry Provincial Park and Protected Area
Fintry waterfall.JPG
Fintry Falls, the main attraction of the park.
LocationFintry, British Columbia
Nearest cityKelowna
Coordinates50°08′16″N 119°30′38″W / 50.13778°N 119.51056°W / 50.13778; -119.51056Coordinates: 50°08′16″N 119°30′38″W / 50.13778°N 119.51056°W / 50.13778; -119.51056
Area5.23 km2 (2.02 sq mi)
EstablishedApril 18, 2001

Fintry Provincial Park and Protected Area, also known as Fintry Estate, is a provincial park located in the town of Fintry, British Columbia, Canada.[1] It is situated approximately 34 kilometres north of Kelowna and 49 kilometres south of Vernon on the westside of the Okanagan Lake.[2]

The estate's original manor house and octagonal dairy barn have been restored and are open for tours in the summer.

Campsites are located in close proximity to the lake and includes a nearby dock. A hike on the opposite side of the park also features a short but steep stair-climb to Fintry Falls of Shorts Creek, the park's main feature.


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