Flag of Madeira

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Flag of Madeira; flag ratio: 2:3

The flag of Madeira consists of a blue-gold-blue vertical triband with a red-bordered white Cross of Christ in the center, alluding the fact that it was discovered by two knights of the Household Henry the Navigator: João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira; symbol of connection to the República Portuguesa.

The regulations and clarification of the dimensions, colors and symbolism of the flag of the Autonomous Region were approved by decree of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira of July 28, 1978 (Regional Decree n. º 30/78/M of 12 September). Its use has been made possible by the Portuguese Constitution, recognizing the status of the Madeira regional autonomy arrangements subject to the Constitution | Constitution itself, with Subjective right | right Insignia | badges that differentiate themselves from the rest of the Portuguese territory.

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