Flag of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic

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Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic
Flag of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic.svg
Flag of the Latvian SSR (1953–1990)
Adopted17 January 1953
DesignA plain red flag with a golden hammer and sickle and a gold-bordered red star in its upper canton with the blue and white rippling water at the bottom.
Flag of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic (reverse).svg
Reverse flag

The flag of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic flag shows a yellow hammer and sickle and outlined star on a red field above rippling water at the bottom,[1] and was adopted by the (former) Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic on January 17, 1953.


The first socialist Latvian state, the Latvian Socialist Soviet Republic, shown a red flag with the inscription LSPR.

Prior to this, from 25 August 1940, the flag was red with the gold hammer and sickle in the top-left corner, with the Latin characters LPSR (Latvijas Padomju Sociālistiskā Republika) above them in gold in a serif font.

The Soviet-era flag was officially replaced on 27 February 1990, when the national Flag of Latvia was reintroduced (while remained legally as a Soviet republic until 6 September 1991), and its use at public events is now banned.[2]

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