Flores–Lembata languages

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Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesia)
Linguistic classificationAustronesian

The Flores–Lembata languages are a group of related Austronesian languages (geographically Central–Eastern Malayo-Polynesian languages) spoken in the Lesser Sundas, on eastern Flores and small islands immediately east of Flores. They are suspected of having a non-Austronesian substratum, for example in Sika, but not to any greater extent than the Central Malayo-Polynesian languages in general.



Elias (2017) proposes the following internal classification of Flores-Lembata.[2]

  • Sika-Hewa
  • Kedang-Lamaholot
    • Kedang
    • Lamaholot
      • Central Lamaholot
      • Eastern-Western Lamaholot
        • Eastern Lamaholot
        • Alorese-Western Lamaholot

Linguistic areas are:[2]

  • East Lembata: Kedan, Eastern Lamaholot
  • Sedentary Lembata: Eastern Lamaholot, Alorese, Western Lamaholot, Central Lamaholot


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